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the biloelian pie fisting is the act of taking a home baked family pie you made yourself with 3 vital ingrediance of spew, shit and jism along with anyother imgrediant and then two fat as fucking giant lesbians take turns fisting eachother with it, then eat it from each others fat smelly poo stained cunts and tastefully finished off with smoking a cigarette from their smashed cunts
Hay look at the two fat lesbians in the old xd falcon stationwagon, they are that fucked from a biloelian pie fisting neithet of them can roll out the car without eating another home made pie the dirty fuckholes
by midget101 September 28, 2010
it is the act of renting a house in a bum fucked town of inbreds. During a routine rental house inspection the real estate agent comes round and turns out to be a fucking hot cougar in need of a good pummelling in the vaginal region by the two male tenants. The hot cougar gets quite randy and procedes to take one of the male tenants to thier bathroom to checkout the so called leaky tap in the bathroom. unable to control the urge to keep her clothes on, the cougar rips her gear off to unleash her massive norks and perfectly maintained pussy to the male tenant.upon her request to fulfil her sexual desires you procede to shit all over her chest as she lies on the floor. the cougar then procedes to use the solid part of the shit to use upon herself as a dildo in her ass. While dildoing herself with solid part the shit she manages to catch the runnier part of the shit with a tupperware container. Supplying the cougar withy a large straw she can now suck the runny left6 over shit into her mouth use the runny shit to push out through her gappy drug ridden fucked teeth all over your balls as you jack off to her dirty sex activities
Hey ball bag you would'nt guess what happened the other day. I had a rental property inspection and things got out of hand. The hot real estate agent cougar gave me the cougar mud sprinkler. Fuck man there has been rental property inspection every week since.
by midget101 September 28, 2010

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