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A middle of nowhere town that is filled with idiotic, waste of oxygen folks that will bury you alive if you do not agree with their own opinions. This town is filled with rednecks, loggers, biggots, and homophobes, so there is an absolute zero percent chance you may ever agree with what they believe in. Also to even more emphasize on the logger part, Hoquiam stands for "hungry for wood". So, if you ever take a trip to Washington State, make sure you avoid this miserable town at all costs.
Guy 1-"Where do you live?"
Guy 2-"Hoquiam"
Guy 1-"Isn't that the town that is filled with rednecks,loggers, biggots, and homophobes?"
Guy 2-"Yes"
Guy 1-"I'm very, truly sorry"
by middle-of-nowhere January 09, 2005

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