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An internet and college campus phenomenon; Groups which chat incessantly about vegan, vegetarian and animal rights hypocrisy in any chatroom or message board.

A person who either thrives desperately on negative attention from a highly sensitive, reactionary group of people or feels subconscious turmoil which manifests into a nasty, pig-headed, oftentimes poorly concealed apologetic display. Usually conspiracy-loving or proudly sardonic. Will site flaws in "PETAlogic" even when so many other animal rights and welfare organizations exist.

Examples of inner turmoil surface when the anti-vegan inflates heroism in responsible pet ownership or saving the life of some random creature. Much like the most extreme animal rights activists, will make a great scene over nothing.
"I just saved a kitten from drowning. And I LOVE meat. Take that, vegans!"

"Animal rights groups lie to us. Livestock are treated well on factory farms." "If abuse does take place, it is isolated." Proclamation despite copious film, photographic, and insider evidence to the contrary.
by middle man February 26, 2004

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