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an LJ FORD (meaning lacking juice) is usually a male creature that is unable to produce semen, mainly due to the continuous rubbing of its own genitals. An LJ Ford is usually the type of creature you see near cliffs and wishing for a better life, they also have a strong tendency to be gay. An LJ Ford may also be seen with many other outcasts such as the elusive skaltum.
i think im an LJ Ford
well stop rubbing it then
by mickypay April 04, 2008
A skaltum is a creature with a small genitalia that lives in small caves or dungeons and is often caged. it is also worth while knowing that a skaltum is often beaten by its dad for entertainment every other weekend, this may be a public event. it may be important to know that skaltum also enjoys toes
i saw a skaltum
ya his dad kicked the shit out of him
by mickypay April 04, 2008

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