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a terrible stink or smell
walking in to a toilet after someone has done a very smelly shit you would comment(fucking hell thats fucking rank you smelly twat)
by mick nicholson August 06, 2007
a small person who is on the tubby side and slightly over weight usually with red cheeks
when the small person gobs of at you you say fuck off you little fat munchkin or i will knock fuck out of you
by mick nicholson August 06, 2007
when the aroela is quite large on the breast
fucking hell your nipples are like saucers im going too struggle to get them in my gob,but ill give it a good try, here hold my cock while i go for it.
by mick nicholson August 12, 2007
midget dwarf or other small person
fuck off frodo to a small person,
get fucked frodo you little twat,
benny is frodo
by mick nicholson August 06, 2007
a head thats much larger than normal most likely on babies and young children
fuck me look at the swede on that sprog my god it`s a ugly little fucker init,
gob off to me again and you`ll get a slap round your fucking big swede
by mick nicholson August 06, 2007

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