12 definitions by micheal

to be oober sick...to be...ill, cool, the man...Da boss....yo mommas pimp!
Billys rhymes are so illsick!

Yo bitch you head was illsick!
by Micheal March 15, 2005
slow, not fast, sucks.
a sloth moves too slow
by micheal March 04, 2005
A chong is a female who is easily persuaded for sexual favours
That Gals a Chong, im sure to get pussy
by Micheal November 20, 2003
1: a girl who likes weird seniors
2: a canadian
3: not your lab partner
Rose is a dirty, senior-loving canadian. Thank god she isn't my lab partner.
by Micheal December 30, 2004
To fuck a girl really hard
Man I gone shred that pussy
by Micheal February 24, 2005
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