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a painful punishment given to those who are too weak to stop it. Its a way to punish the weak without seriously injuring them. In fact its kind compared to other forms of bullying.

superman wedgie:a wedgie in witch the arms are pushed down through the leg holes of the underwear then lifted above the victims head like there flying which brings the waistbands up onto both shoulders.

rowboat: when the victim is laying face first on the ground you place your feet on there shoulders while reaching down to grab there wastband then u sit down and pull up with both hands(like rowing a boat) while u push down with your feet

figurer4: you place the calve of one leg 1 to the back of the knee of leg 2 then pull leg 2s foot up twords there head and wrap there underwear around the foot leaving them stuck on the floor without use of there legs.

waistband curl: grab the victim by the back of the underwear and simply see how many times you can curl them without leting there feet touch the ground.

#superman #rowboat #figure4 #waistbandcurl #more
by michael chastain November 23, 2005
the ability to think of a bazillion things at once but never able to consentrate on just one leaving the person in a constant state of bliss so that you are never doing the right thing at the right time.
this is a fun learning game i have a fun vidio game hey one time i had a vido game named crash bandacoot wait the main charicter was an animal and i saw a bear at the zoo once the zoo has good food and one time at thanksgiving my grandma was there old pople are nice, o im sorry teacher i dident hear the question i had an adhd moment
#hyper #spaze #crazy #speeder #nutso
by michael chastain November 30, 2005
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