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Feces that accumulates accidentally during defecation inside the back lower area (of which is hanging directly in the logpath) of a comfortable, usually oversized sweater.
Man! I should have taken off that wooly wonder before I decided to pinch a loaf! I have about a pound of sweaturds stuck back there!
by Micah January 13, 2011
A response to someone who never fails to find an excuse as to why something cannot be done.
Employee: "I'm waiting for IT to call me, my printer is broken. That's why I didn't print my report".

Manager: "We have more than one printer. If the toilet's broken, shit outside."
by Micah June 17, 2010
Similar to a whipping boy. When nature calls, you simply urinate on this person and they proceed to a lavatory to ring out their piss-drenched clothes. This saves you a trip to the bathroom.
All this coffee makes me wonder where the pissing boy is.. I need to go!
by Micah September 16, 2008
My dad, the name of a professional baseball player, another term for a Horny penis.
Randy Johnson is my dads name. Also a name of a professional baseball player.
by Micah July 20, 2004
Some people view Oakwood negatively, they say we are a school full of ugly girls and hippies. People say that our school sucks, that we dont learn anything and are too busy doing drugs. Sadly enough this is all true. Oakwood does suck, it blows my huge gaping asshole. It is void of any intelligent life outside of this years senior class. It hurts me, it pains me to say I attend this school. Let me warn anyone interested in coming here, to stay far away. Let me also give a shoutout to Ellen Peters, our wonderful drunk dean. Three headed monster. Also let me add a big hello to mario. I hope he dies and someone steals his jacket off his corpse. I LOVE SUSPENSION
"dude getting your balls chopped off sucks"
"yeah but not as much as going to oakwood"

Id rather have someone take a large dump on my face for 6 days than go to oakwood

i feel bad for anyone cool who goes to oakwood ( like micah davis)

Would you rather...

Eat out ellen peters
go to oakwood

unfortunately for oakwood students we are forced to do both every day when we are on campus
by Micah February 18, 2005
a genre of blogs in which the content means everything to the author but nothing to most everyone else; often abbreviated as "e/n"
"Every single LiveJournal I've read is incredibly e/n."
by Micah October 07, 2004
Redneck term for "and then she ate."
My wife ate three double cheeseburgers initiate some fries.
by Micah December 22, 2003

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