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A response to someone who never fails to find an excuse as to why something cannot be done.
Employee: "I'm waiting for IT to call me, my printer is broken. That's why I didn't print my report".

Manager: "We have more than one printer. If the toilet's broken, shit outside."
#toilet #shit #excuses #quote #outside
by micah June 17, 2010
Similar to a whipping boy. When nature calls, you simply urinate on this person and they proceed to a lavatory to ring out their piss-drenched clothes. This saves you a trip to the bathroom.
All this coffee makes me wonder where the pissing boy is.. I need to go!
#pissing #boy #urination #servant #pee
by micah September 16, 2008
A club or party full of dudes only and not fly ass chicks
Dude GTs is a total sausage factory. fagatorium
by Micah April 25, 2003
My dad, the name of a professional baseball player, another term for a Horny penis.
Randy Johnson is my dads name. Also a name of a professional baseball player.
by Micah July 20, 2004
a genre of blogs in which the content means everything to the author but nothing to most everyone else; often abbreviated as "e/n"
"Every single LiveJournal I've read is incredibly e/n."
by Micah October 07, 2004
Redneck term for "and then she ate."
My wife ate three double cheeseburgers initiate some fries.
by Micah December 22, 2003
A hybrid species of eagle and unicorn.
"Gabe's ferret fuckin' got eaten by a unigle."
#eagle #unicorn #hybrid #america #ferrets
by micah November 28, 2011
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