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n. 1. genetically modified orgasm. 2. to have a fake orgasm.
"I just found out my girlfriend has been GMOing on me."

"Jenna Jameson is the queen of GMOing."
by mic dundee June 24, 2007
something that you can put at the end of your finger to make it longer, usually for turning things on from far away.

from the futurama episode in which Professor Farnsworth invents the finger-longer
"We need a finger-longer to turn on the TV since the remote's missing."
by mic dundee June 23, 2007
adj. being very greedy and taking advantage of people any way possible; selfish
"Dude don't share a meal with Dave. He's totally McGreedy; he'll eat all the food."
by mic dundee June 24, 2007
to leave in a hurry.
"Crap, there's my ex. I'm going to have to crunch out before this gets nasty."
by mic dundee June 23, 2007
n. masturbation, esp. female masturbation.

origin: from the Bible character Onam. Onami is used in Japan.
"Did you see that onami video online with Paris Hilton?"
by mic dundee June 24, 2007
adj. 1.Having a beautiful ass; 2.see bootylicious
"Jennifer Lopez is assthetic."

by mic dundee June 23, 2007
A person is rewarded monkey points when thehttp://www.urbandictionary.com/add.phpy hit a monkey
Katelyn got monkey points when she hit Diddy Kong in the head.
by Mic Dundee September 06, 2008

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