1 definition by miami student

(Miami girls)
Ugg Boots
Sunglasses that cover at least 3/4 of the whole face
North Face jacket
credid card signed in daddys name
bitch attitude
pesonalized sorority bags (none other than vera bradley)
popped collars (never went out of style...just never was in style)
horribly fake tan
vera bradley bag
weight limit 130 lbs (except on North Quad, Rugby/basketball/volleyball, in general manly women)
vocabulary consisting mostly of the words totally, like, oh my god, also shortening of words like... vacation to vaca ect.

actual overheard conversation at Miami University.....
"Jessica, oh my god your not going to believe this, so... I just talked to my parents and we got in a huge fight. My dad says I actually have to get a job this summer....
by miami student October 18, 2006

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