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This word goes to a girl, lady, or women. Its is a word that has many meanings, it is a word that means other words like a a strong, lovely, wonderful young girl. A girl a man will love and adore for the rest of his life.

This young/old women will succeed many things in life. She will be indestructible!
Miah is a name with many many descriptions
by miaj June 21, 2014
"mexican express" is any weed used to pay for services when money is inconvenient or unavailable. It is typically used at small stores, fast food joints, and anywhere where the employees are bored out of their minds and/or the friend of whoever is paying. Unlike the "bowl pass," which is only used at ski resorts, mexican express is accepted across many kinds of businesses.
"Oh, you don't have any cash either? That's cool, the McDonald's on 14th takes mexican express."
"I wish I could pay my tuition with mexican express."
"Don't use the five finger discount, just get out your mexex."
by miaJ March 15, 2009

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