1 definition by mhswrestler125

A girl that will make-out with any guy that she finds somewhat interesting, but refuse to go much farther than that and/or start a relationship with that guy.

Many Make-out sluts are out to make out with as many guys as they can in a certain period of time.

Advanced make-out sluts will often keep a list of all the guys she has made-out with and sometimes will even give them grades, whether it be a A-F scale or 1-10 scale.
Joe: So how'd it go with u and Amy last night?
Rob: Last night was pretty fun, but she's just a make-out slut so I don't think i'll b talking to her anymore. She got what she was trying to get. She's already working on trying to make-out with Drew tonight.
by mhswrestler125 February 14, 2007

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