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A small northern town in Union County that is divided by North and South sides, North being the "rich side" and South being the "poorer side". Teens attend Cranford High School that is overpopulated with every sterotype of teen. From class clowns, jokes, preps, nerds and goths Cranford is still known for their excessive partying and drug use. Major morning hot spot, Bagel America, is the home to many teens after a rough night and a rougher morning with a hang over accompianed by a bagel and some friends. Cranford cops are always out looking for someone even Jay-Walking. Cranford is also known for their baseball and volleyball teams. All around though, soccer is forced upon Cranford children at age 4. Cranford is a gossipy town that is growing on the downfall.
Cranford is a party town, stop by.

Cranford is a soccer lovers land.

Cranford has good weed and beers for everyone!
by mhhhkay November 05, 2007
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