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An adjective that holds the meaning of the words fine and fly, both in reference to commenting on the attractiveness of another person.
That girl is flyne
#fine #fly #fline #attractive #beot
by mhao92 February 05, 2013
A combination of the adjectives beautiful and hot.
She is flipping beauot
#beot #beaot #flyne #beautiful #hot
by mhao92 February 05, 2013
The act of shoving ur bare/naked foot into the rectum of a bear, thus having a bear on your foot. Can also be used to describe a sexual act of similair nature, only with another human being
My foot was cold. So I went and perfomed bearfoot.
#anal sex #barefoot #footrape #bestiality #bearfeet
by mhao92 February 04, 2013
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