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Nietzsche is a litmus test for intellectual pimps. The definition of a free-thinker. Great souls love him, not just for his insights and aphorisms, but the way in which he said them. He doesn't ask you to blindly follow, but he charges you to grow. Cunts and cowards despise and dismiss him. Zealots misquote, misread, and shame him.

He was German. He loved Dostoyevsky. The field of psychology owes itself to him. He had a badass moustache. He led a conflicted life and had conflicting ideas like any complex person should. He gave a shit about your morals. His sister, and most every other woman in his life, was a bitch. He screwed a prostitute when he was a teenager and subsequently screwed his health for life.

He died crazy and alone, but if I could have met him, I'd have been his friend. And like every good friend, I'd sock you in the fucking mouth for talking shit to and about him whether he was in the right or not.
The quote everybody (including rappers now) uses:

"What does not kill you, makes you stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche
by mgcmtn February 28, 2011
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