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When someone has got no self confidence in the real world but when behind a screen they become confident through text.
oh look theres faizon, he hardly says anything to me except when hes on msn or facebook,
think he suffers from text confidence
by mezalong February 16, 2009
An individual who constanly updates their facebook status with grief, disapointment, sorrow, grumpyness, sadness, distress or just general ranting.
had a crappy nights sleep,now on the way to work :(
Hates exams!
cant seem to do anything rite,im such a loser! lifes so hard :(
by mezalong August 13, 2010
this word is when Urban Dictionary chooses tha best word produced from thee public and makes it word of tha day.
in thee office,

guy one: hey bill this word shud be Urban Dictionary word of tha day

guy 2: yes john make it word of thee day then.

guy 1: ok bill i will do that.
by mezalong December 21, 2008
a complete jerk on Youtube asking for people to thumbs up there comment. Often to boost an internet ego that dosentr exist.
"Thumbs up if this comment if you got here through dogs farting"

@ shut up you thumbs up jerk
by mezalong November 25, 2011
when your having an extremely bad nights sleep and you get in such a rage with the lack of sleep that you slam your alarm off before the set time.
"arrrh for christ sake man its time for an alarm-revoke" (action of turning your alarm off follows)
by mezalong January 13, 2009
person who thinks up ramdom and pointless words to try and get Urban Dictionary word of the day award.
stop writing in to Urban Dictionary with piontless words u Urban Dictionary slag.
by mezalong March 29, 2009
Definition of an alarm-playa is someone who has a semi busy day planned, so sets their alarm earlier than normal. When it comes to tha alarm in the morning they press the snooze button several times, playing wit the structure of the day.
arrh man my hole days cocked up now, new i should never of been no alarm-playa
by mezalong March 09, 2009
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