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The metropolitan region including Washington, D.C., Baltimore and those cities' suburban counties in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. With over 8 million inhabitants, this area is one of the most populous in the United States.

Upon the foundation of Washington, D.C. as the capital of the newly formed United States, the city was built upon a swamp so as to keep the size of the city relatievly small as compared to larger business centers such as Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. This of course, led to the realization that Metroplex summers would be characterized by "swamp-ass" conditions of perpetual 100% humidity. Some would call these conditions "unbearable" and "ridiculous."

Metroplex is also characterized by some of the nation's highest crime rates (which some contend is due to the high proportion of low-income African American families in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.). However, the more accurate assesment of the reasoning behind the high crime rates in those cities is the ineffectiveness of the Metroplex Police forces (especially airport rent-a-cops at BWI) to do their jobs.

Metroplex is a place unlike any other. As the political hub of the world's most powerful nation, Washington, D.C. is often described as the "slowest moving place in America" while residents of Baltimore will ask a non-Metroplex resident, "why b-less when you can b-more, hon?" Diversity abound, Metroplex is most definitely a gem among great American metropolitan areas. Just remember to bring a bottle of mace and one of those water-spraying fan things.
Black dude: "Back da fuck up."
White girl: "You could ask politely, you know."
Black dude: "Did you not hear me? I said back da fuck up. I am a metroplex nig."
by metroplexresident October 01, 2006

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