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PS TRIPLE is the ghetto term used to call the ps3. It was supposedly made up by youtube superstar chadwarden. the ps triple be ballin the shits.
"when i show them (hunnys) my ps3, they get all over...get all the hunnys with the ps triple."
by metin johnson November 07, 2007
a mans eternal struggle to get money, to get paid.
ive been on the great paper chase ever since my mama kicked me out yo!
by metin johnson July 10, 2010
The nickname given to the R32 Nissan Skyline GTR because of the tremendous amount of races won during the early 90s. No other car in its class proved better.

GODZILLA does not apply to the r33,r34 or r35 GTR.
Dude, that Godzilla ripped it apart on the Nuremberg circuit
by metin johnson July 09, 2010

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