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a commercial rapper who joined young money only to make himself look more foolish. Drake is one of the main figures in fake hip hop music today that people recognize and adore, along with gucci mane, wocka flocka, and lil wayne. The bottom line is that Drake is a godawful artist who only makes money because of what the state of music is in today. Fans are stupid and clueless. Drake is a wannabe rapper, and tries to act southern when he spits. He also was on Degrassi which further ruins his reputation. Drake fuckin sucks big dick, because what he spits goes against what hip hop stands for. No, little kid, hip hop never changed. Hip hop is hip hop. The stuff you hear on the radio isn't hip hop, it's hip pop. Listen to Hieroglyphics and u'll see what I mean
fuck you drake
#drake #wayne #music #rap #balls
by meth0d man August 27, 2010
As Late As Possible
Mark: Hey Ben idk what time i'll be through with this party so come get me ALAP
Ben: Sounds good
#party #parties #fags #cum #bitches
by meth0d man January 24, 2011
one reason the unemployment rate is going up
Husband: how much money did u spend this year on the gifts for Christmas honey?
Wife: idk, probably about $10,000.

Husband: stupid bitch! We're already in debt $5,000!!

(The family files for unemployment 2 weeks later)
#christmas #shopping #holiday #money #cash
by meth0d man December 25, 2010
The juice that comes out of ketchup before the actual ketchup comes out when squirting it.
My fries got drenched in tomato piss.
#food #fries #piss #ketchup #tomatoes
by meth0d man December 04, 2010
hiccups u get when u are so hungry and eat something so delicious that u get hiccups from eating and swallowing too fast.
Yesterday I was eating a scrumptious sub from Subway and I got pig-out hiccups
#food #eating #hiccups #subs #subway
by meth0d man September 23, 2010
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