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short for "goin for the team"
another way of saying she is down to fuck
yo, is she goin' fam
yeah "G" she goin for the whole team
by meteorman312 February 12, 2011
person you have sex with frequently. Also known as friends with benefits but girlfriends can also be referred to as it.
Damn fam, I need me a cudi Buddy for Valentines to kick this dry spell.
by meteorman312 February 12, 2011
verb that means a chick is done to fuck a lot of dudes maybe even down for a gang bang.

You usually wanna stay away because they most likely are burnt (std).
Coined for chicks who got down with the whole football team in high school, but can be used for chicks who get down with any social group.
What up with ole gurl Chrissy?
Naw G you don't wanna mess with that
She goin' for the team, homie
For real?
Yep,she goin' for the whole team G
Mm hmm thats a ole gonna,sifa,rhea bitch right there. you might need to padlock yo dick homie cause she'll find a way
by meteorman312 February 12, 2011
Pussy kissin Lips alternative to DSL

Lips that can cover the whole vagina

can be used for anymore who is known for eating pussy
Hay Wanda i heard Derrel be eatin pussy like its nobodies business

Well of course, look at those PKLs he got
by meteorman312 February 13, 2011
look up Bourgeoisie
1 Stuck up, rich bitch, uncle tom, sell out. anybody who acts like they are better then everybody because of their financial standings.

2Karl Marx definition for property owning class in opposition to the working class

pronouced boo zhie
how that girl gone deny me, she bourgie as hell with her fake as guchi, dolce and gabana wanna be ass.
by meteorman312 February 12, 2011
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