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The opposite of a meteorite. Meaning it is not a meteorite.
I thought I'd found a real meteorite but it turned out to be a meteorwrong.
by meteoritemax January 25, 2010
A strewnfield is a geographic area representing a field where meteorites have been strewn. In other words it is the area of land that they landed on after entering our atmosphere. This gives finders a designated area to look for more of the material and offers science a chance to study and determine certain information about a fall. ie, what size landed where and why?
One would find a meteorite from a particular fall within this certain area we call a Strewnfield .
by meteoritemax January 16, 2010
When you find something new that you did not expect to find and or were not looking for that particular object.
The first meteorite I ever found was a cold-find while actually looking for gold.
by meteoritemax January 25, 2010

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