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Drunk shaming is a complex ritual wherein a person who passes out with his or her shoes on, while drinking heavily with others, is bodily modified. This modification can take the form of having ones eyebrows or head shaved, face and/or body written on, or any number of everyday objects piled atop one's passed out body. Drunk shaming often focuses on sexual innuendo, so pictures of cocks on faces and other parts of the body are common in male and female victims of drunk shaming.

While some have suggested that drunk shaming is a cultural ritual aimed at ridiculing those who drink too much, it is in fact a bacchanalian celebration of rampant inebriation.
Dude, I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I woke up the next morning half naked with 'BALLS' written on my forehead and duct tape covering my hair. It freaking hurt to pull off! It was like the worst case of drunk shaming ever.
by metaspencer October 24, 2013

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