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The process of understand, influencing, and creating cold energy through psionic means. It is a branch of psychokinesis that translates into ice movement. Less commonly known compared to it's opposite, pyrokinesis.

Many people do not believe it is possible to cool something down with your minds, however in reality, it is a very real ability, and not all that difficult to do.
I used cryokinesis the other day to cool down my supper, it was to hot.
by metapseudonym September 18, 2009
When something is so epic that it no longer belongs in the same catagory as epic, it is defined as being phepic. Basically the word epic, with a ph thrown in front to make it more epic. Phepic is equal to 100 fold epic
OMG, that picture was so epic, it was phepic
by metapseudonym September 09, 2009

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