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One who defines their belief system based on research and logic
Why, I'm a Non-Denominational Evaluist, what do you believe in?
by metalman007 January 02, 2012
The logical, if frustrating realistic corollary to Moore's Law regarding the number of transistors on a microchip. In as much as Moore's Law is used to estimate reductions in the cost per unit of computers, so will the reduced cost of the computers be converted to more processors purchased if the programmers are left unchecked.
The following conversation could have been avoided if Fred had applied the Nerd's Corollary to the purchase of new computers:

"Fred, I thought you said that if we bought the quad core machines, we could reduce the number of computers in the server room and save costs. Why do we have more servers than when we started and are over budget?"

"Well, we needed more machines because with the new speed and power, we discovered we could re-thread the re-factored process and parallelize the... (Fred's eyes glaze over and the rest of the information is lost in this discussion)"
by Metalman007 November 29, 2012
The art of attaining harmony and proper balance in the execution of a difficult sexual position, most specifically as it relates to male performance.
My partner and I were examining the latest Cosmo position suggestion in detail, and found that the dong-shui was rather poor as the athletic requirement borrowed too greatly from my other cardiovascular need.
by Metalman007 November 29, 2012

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