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someone who just cant get enough of metal. can understand the most indistinguishable pig squeels and can growl with the best of them. often found at warped tour. these guys are hard core and tough. do not mess with them unless you want a boot up your ass
"dude what happened i sushed over as soon as i heard you were intensive care"
i wouldnt give him my signed suicide silence hat man... i didnt know he was a metal man whore!

example two

i heard justin bebier got shot
yeah, a metal man whore was at his concert instead of warped tour by some strange accident.

really what happened?
well the fag asked him for a blow job an dhe blew his head off

by metalmaddness January 17, 2011
cat=pussy. if pussy =vagina, then shouldnt dog=puppy=penis?
it was fuckin raining cats and dogs in that porno

its raining cats and dogs out there mine
"eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww mother fuck i hope i dont catch the wrong type o f"rain" on my tounge!
by metalmaddness January 26, 2011
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