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people who will mess with you in a crowd but wont do shit. just embarrass them once and they'll leave you alone for good. The true pussies of society, really stupid a lot of the time so there easy victims when it comes to crime, need to enjoy high school because life's going to butt fuck them soon enough.
jock 1. dude i am going to fuck with that dude with long hair and the slayer shirt over (aka metal head).
jock 2. yeah do it he seems like a easy target.
jock 1. hey pussy give me your wallet.
metal head. pulls out razor hidden in sleeve at cuts jock 1.
metal head. what did you just learn? give me your wallet pussy and never fucking let me see your face or i cut you up so bad your own mom wont recognize you.
jock 1. Shits pants drops wallet and runs
jock 2. also Shits self and runs.
jocks are all dick suckers
by metalheadstranger December 21, 2010
something smart people steal and idiots keep buying even though its going to be out dated in less than a year.
dumb ass, dude i bought the new i pod for 250 bucks.

me, dude i got the same one from and jocks locker in the school gym for free.
by metalheadstranger December 21, 2010
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