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Utilizing the hover technique while holding onto the handicap rails for support. Sometimes required when constipation causes an extended need for the hover to occur.
There were no toilet seat covers, but my legs were tired from snowboarding, so I had to utilize the assisted hover.
#hover #poop #toilet #crap #bathroom
by metalheadjoel March 10, 2008
Corn kernels that make their presence known after anal sex has occurred. They can show up on the penis, the floor, the bedsheets, or basically anywhere other than the rectum they came from.
I had crazy buttsex with my girlfriend last night, we got showered, and then we went to bed. I thought we had it all cleaned up, but this morning, I found intercorns on my pillow.
#anal #anal sex #sex #corn #saluting the kernel
by metalheadjoel March 10, 2008
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