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is a subgenre of rock. it chracterized by heavy distored guitar shreding at the speed of light(depends on what subgenre it is) it has a loud thunderous drum( which metal drums are the best drums ever played) and bass( a very underated instrument) section and is topped by a vocalist singing louder than hell. there is actually lots of diffrent types of vocals but the main ones are high octave(classic metal), guttural(death, black) and what i call thrash vocals(basiclly niether high or low just in between speaking/singing. can be very fast or slow depending on what subgenre it is. this genre of music has many subgenres in it which have sub genres of its own, many of the popular subgenres are thrash metal, death, black and power metal. its roots can be traced back to classical music, blues, even jazz, and rock and really kicked off when black sabbath came aorund with their 1970 album black sabbath
the lyrical themes are all over the charts. but some of the common themes are about rebellion, seperation, war and violence, counter culture, history, why mankind does stuff and philosophy, politics and corruption.
fans are often called metalheads, look that up and are all over the place in asia europe south america and america. warning we metalheads are extremely rabid and will defend our music at any cost ANY COST

whether metal is good or bad music depends on you and your opinion and your taste
real heavy metal
iron maiden judas priest saxon megadeth testament antrhax early metallica slayer death angel gamma ray helloween deep purple black sabbath tank venom death cannibal corpse pantera blind guardian sacred reich flotsam and jetsam aspid

oh boy there is a ton of great bands
by metalguy121 December 19, 2011

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