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A place to get really good pizza-type food. It isn't really pizza, since the provolone cheese and pepperoni isnt cooked. it is put on last. anyways it is the best food to eat after a big night of boozing it up in the fab town of wheeling wv. the elm grove dicarlos is by far the best tasting dicarlos restaurant, as all dicarlo's pizza chains cook it just a bit differently. If you are lucky, go at 2am and order a few slices, because you might get triple your order for free.
"Hey lets go to dicarlos and order a tray. while we wait we can play some ms pac man."

Guy who didnt go:
"your bitch ass better save me a corner piece before your fat-ass eats it all in the car."
by mesohoknee September 28, 2006
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