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An adult person who is childlike in reasoning and demeanor. An adult with an IQ of a 10 year old.
Jake, Clint, Carl, Rainman, Forrest Gump
by mery lopez June 27, 2005
Suppressed feelings. True feelings that have been repressed.
African American activists have bigoted underleanings towards the white race.
by mery lopez June 23, 2005
Filipino ebonics. The Filipino style of writing of putting high strung words together to build up a sentence that does not make sense.
Pinoybonics: Cannot make anymore comment on a great pretender wannabe or a trying hard. I were looking for intelligent responses, but what did I get? No nonsense pretensions of a wannabe.

Correct English: I am done commenting on nonsense answers from an overachiever.
by mery lopez June 27, 2005
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