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Due to the lack of debate over the usability of the plural form of grogan(grogans), the grogette refers to each single turd layed during the act of droppin' a grogan.
After the night at the all you can eat chinese buffet, I laid 17 grogettes in the outhouse the following morning, to the delight of the local plumber.
by Merv February 01, 2004
faking as a matter of course; the modus operandi of posers and liars
"yeah he said he was going to take out the trash, eventually. That's his bogus operandi"
by merv February 14, 2012
The odometer is applied to a grogan or brogan. It measures the strength of the turd by using a nationality ranking system.
After a night eating cheap Mexican food, Larry's turds exploded out of his arse when visiting the throne... Larry dropped a Palestinian that night.
by Merv April 03, 2004

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