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condition resulting from loose skin or thigh fat drooping down over the knee cap forming an flesh awning like an eyelid. kneelids are the centerpiece of thankles.
she didn't have cankles, but when her skirt blew up i caught a glimpse of her baggy kneelids!

she was a skinnyfat girl with thin legs but flabby kneelids
by merrywoohoo March 01, 2011
(verb) to take advantage of or hijack an email distribution list for purposes other than for which the list was created.

it can be used or mis-used for productive or counter-productive purposes such as internet lynching.

(noun) listjacking.
i'm tired of her listjacking to spew her personal rants to the office

he got fired after he listjacked the directory to expose his boss's affair
by merrywoohoo February 25, 2011
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