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A dunce. A dummy. A very stubborn person or animal.
I told him how to do it, but he would not listen, the knucklehead!
by Merrily McCarthy July 17, 2003
People who own property and rent it out to low income people for more than the property is worth and never bother to keep the rentals up to health code standards. Rich people who make their money victimizing low income families.
We asked the land lord to fix the leaky water faucet, and get rid of the cockroaches, but he won't do it; the guy is just another 21st century slum lord.
by Merrily McCarthy July 17, 2003
It could be people who are poor, or it could be people who live like pond scum. Or it could be people who have no values, nor standards compared to people who can afford the paper to write standards and values upon.
Don't worry what that low-life thinks! look where they live, they are nothing but low-life.
by Merrily McCarthy July 17, 2003
Just because I don't care and laughter for the fun of it!
I don't mean nothing by it, it's just for shitz and giggles, love, you know shitz and giggles!
by Merrily McCarthy July 23, 2003
The breakdown to this is the expressor to the expressee: shizzle my nizzo! This means putting action upon any object. Shizzle is the verb and Nizzo is the object of the verb. The expressor is asking the expressee to "do something to something"! Whatever it is and to what is up for purely speculative interpretation and depends on the linguistic conditions and the situational environment of the moment.
Lord girlfriend, I haven't seen you for so long. Come over here and "shizzle my nizzo"!
by Merrily McCarthy September 15, 2003
shirt he wore came to me easy
Upon his lithe and war mongering body he wore a slighty dusty shalwar kameezmade of the coarsest alpaca and camel hair, woven tight to keep out the sand and the moody night winds.
by Merrily McCarthy September 15, 2003
A below the belt insult aimed from the back side.
"I heard what she said! Boy what a cheek shot!"
by Merrily McCarthy July 19, 2003
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