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2 definitions by merrifengshui

The art or practice of clearing your life of any friends who cause extra cludder or drama in order to keep a simple, easy, carefree, uplifting social life for yourself.
"Marcel is driving me insane with his constant drama."

"You need to adopt friend shui and get rid of that stuff."

by merrifengshui August 30, 2012
The Facebook art or practice of eliminating toxicity on your friends list and news feed while keeping the most uplifting friends and positive posts to show up.
"Hey, why aren't you Facebook friends with Julio anymore?"
"I just couldn't handle reading all that drama every day so I had to Facebook Feng Shui him."

"Wow. That's brilliant. You are brilliant."

"Yes. I know."
by merrifengshui August 30, 2012