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A Comedy Central show that first aired in early April of 2011 and is absolutely hilarious. It follows three friends living and working together after college. Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm star in this scripted comedy where they spend their days selling time shares and their nights partying. Even though college ended, the fun hasn't.
Kevin: Dude it's Wednesday, guess what's on tonight. New episode of Workaholics!!
Devin: That show is so funny man, cannot wait.
by mermaidcat April 25, 2011
This is a rule established on Comedy Central's show, Workaholics, that states when you accidentally see another man's penis, the only way to restore order to the universe is to show him your dick as well.
Then you have both seen each other's penises and you can go on living your daily in peace once again.
Adam: Hey Blake, where you going with no pants on?
Blake: Oh, I accidentally saw Montez's penis yesterday, so I'm gunna go show him my dick to restore balance to the universe.
Adam: Ahh, the Boy Scout Rule of D's, have fun.
by mermaidcat April 25, 2011
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