13 definitions by merkin

Short for "cock in the vaginia"
Last night with Sarah was fantastic - started out with some citm which lead to some nice citv
by Merkin March 24, 2005
A sloot that is considered "hot" based soley upon the fact that she has large breasts.
Was the girl you hooked up with at the party hot. Well, she was goose hot
by Merkin March 23, 2005
Abbreviation: Lack of Boner. Made famous my comedian Jeff Dunham
Achmed was very sad that all he was getting for Christmas was lob
by Merkin December 31, 2008
A loser deadbeat with no ambition whatsoever in life. See also muff diver
Do those guys over there need help?
Nah, they're just muffs.
by Merkin September 23, 2005
1) A big time computer nerd 2) To use technical knowledge to repair/create something
My computer is acting all slow - I gotta call the scooter and get it fixed.

The guy running the office pool for march madness scootered up the most delux excel sheeet you've ever seen.
by Merkin September 13, 2005
The roll of fat some chicks have just below the navel. See also fup
I don't understand how that girl can be so skinny and yet still have a total fish bowl
by Merkin March 24, 2005

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