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Pronounced /‘Shmir/
Etmology: Modern English, possibly from mixing the name Mere with Smirnoff but the true origin is hotly debated but unkown
Date: early 1990s but no earlier than 1980... See More

1: someone who is audacious, outspoken, and the life of the party. One will be able to spot a Shmere in a crowd by their big, usually red and out of control hair, loud gapping mouth, and outrageous attire that is either themed or revealing. You will also find this person with either one or any combination of the following things: coffee, vodka, cigarette, cell phone, your credit card, their shoes in their hand instead of on their feet, keys with an obnoxious key ring
2: A person who will yell at children without restraint or inhibition
3: A loyal friend who would try to bail you out of the clink as long as they weren’t sitting next to you in it

1: to mess ones trousers with either fecal matter or cream cheese
1: To babble incoherently when drunk
2: A designated driver who gets hammered and cannot meet their automotive duties
Damn it Shmere!!
by meredith769 June 16, 2010

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