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A euphemism for "Intimate/ Private Parts of the body," as popularized by Kenyan musician Ken Wa Maria in his 2013 hit song of the same title.
"These are my things, these are your things, THESE ARE THE FUNDAMENTALS."
#genitals #gonads #dick #ass #pussy #balls #boobies
by mercboy December 02, 2013
Also known as Tupac Saifaur.
Citizen of Nottingham who is known to all the foxy ladies and the pretty girls.

5 foot tall and 6 foot long naahmsayin

Well known member of FAGZ LYFFZ and the Pun Tang Clan
Yo Tupac Sa-Four get off my dong!
#tupac #saifaur #tupac saifaur #6 foot #fagz lyf #pun tang clan
by Mercboy September 10, 2008
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