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1 definition by merc, the boricua

1. a drug synthesized by Albert Niemann, a German, 1860, taken from the alkaloid of the cocoa plant, which is then turned into powder-like base.

2. a highly powerful and addictive central nervous system stimulant that is off-white, ecru in color, which is sold in rock or powder form. Purity varies greatly, and one can tell really good cocaine by looking at the flake-like, sparkling effects of the product.

3. a highly addictive, seductive drug that produces both stimulation and sedation (that is why it is so great of a high, so difficult to keep in check). It alters mood, emotion, appetite, thinking, and libido.

4. a drug that proves toxic for most individuals: COCAINE is very powerful that mostly all users will become addicted and binge. One might think they have it in control. It starts off being a social high then it becomes a solo high. Users usually take a few years of cocaine use to develop cocaine abuse.

5. a drug that produces powerful, exhilarating effects and results to serious health problems.

first two years: I went out last night and did cocaine with friends; wow, it was great.

two years and after: I didn't go out last night, but I did cocaine all by myself; wow, it was great....I spent $250 in one night.

Sorry, I cannot got to work for the next four days...I just got off a serious coke-binge.

Fuck, I just did $60 of coke in two hours...I'm a fucking pig.

Yo, I wanna gangbang raw...I got coke dick.

I just did too much blow. Now, I have hemmoroids and acid reflux disease. Some people get AIDS.


by merc, the boricua December 30, 2007