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4 definitions by mendaliv

A nonexistant place that is supposedly the source of all palookas in the world.

Such a place would be characterized by mediocrity or stupidity, and therefore may be used to refer to a place that exemplifies these qualities.
The job was a one-way ticket to Palookaville.
by mendaliv January 29, 2007
11 8
Pure Bacon Extract, a technical term for filtered leftover bacon grease used for flavoring in other recipes, or simply as a fat for frying.
Fry the eggs in 2 tbsp. of PBE.
by mendaliv June 27, 2010
4 3
A term used in medicine to refer to a doctor's overall collection of skills and tools to perform the art of healing. A physician's armamentarium may contain surgical procedures, access to an MRI scanner, bedside manner, the basic ability to diagnose illness and a prescription pad.

Armamentarium may also refer to a general collection of equipment possessed by a medical institution, or procedures available to the medical community in general.
In becoming a dermatologist, Dr. Fishman added many chemical peel procedures to her armamentarium.

Modern medicine has a massive armamentarium of antibiotic therapies for combating bacterial infection.
by mendaliv July 03, 2010
1 3
What uneducated people call the gout; a painful inflammatory condition of the joints, especially the big toe.

Not to be confused with the gooch.
Doctor says I got the gouch!
by mendaliv June 27, 2010
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