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v - to arrive at a conclusion via spurious, lazy, or entirely made up research. to seek truthiness.
Thanks to the journalistic integrity of this local newspaper, we can be sure that these incredibly out-of-context quotations were thoroughly inventigated.
by menace to propriety August 14, 2009
adj. feeling disinclined to do a thing, despite really knowing one ought to care about it; feeling generally blasé toward activity in general; the feeling of being "meh"; suffering from a complete inability to give a shit
I'm really hungry and shouldn't eat out again this week, but I'm feeling really fuckittish about cooking right now.
by menace to propriety February 09, 2009
n - a non-kinky human who is utterly normal, vanilla, mundane, boring, a yuppie, and/or a douchebag
You know, when you spank me in front of the open window at night, I bet it really freaks out the neighborhood narwhals.
by menace to propriety August 15, 2009

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