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P.a.w.g means Phat ass white girls!
It from the streets, bitch!
"Damn, look at them P.A.W.G."
by Melvin April 11, 2005
To fuck one up the ass.
Spencer Smith gave Tonder a crazy anal last night!
by Melvin April 20, 2004
it sucks to grow up, but everybody does.... and we're still fighting it.
my best friend is growing up
by Melvin November 06, 2004
noun.groupie hopeful.sucks band's roadie's dicks in hope of meeting band but never does.
"The crew slut never made it on the tour bus."
by MELVIN February 15, 2005
Someone who has passed the normal level of "Rad"
That was fuckin K rad
by melvin April 28, 2003
inserting testicles into a partners anus. Why? becuase it's just as hard to get a dog in a bathtub.
I gave her a dog in a bathtub and then made her lick my shitty balls.
by MELVIN April 02, 2005
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