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Very similar to conformists or popular culture... but actually a subculture of pop. If sixty kids shop at Hot topic then they are mass-marketed non-coformists. They used to listen to Marilyn before he released "AntiChrist Superstar" so they justify that they are not posers. Next gen version of these kids are know described as Scene.
Choir of 13 angst-ridden kiddies singing in unison:
"one is different but there are a million the same!"
After seeing this specticle one realizes...Holy shite!
All Those kids are practicing mass-marketed non-conformism!
by melloncollieowl November 19, 2005
Of or relating to emotion. Ergo, Emotive and emotion are the same word.
Emo music is emotional/emotive music. Now quit trying to justify your mass-marketed non-conformism and listen to some "TOOL".
by melloncollieowl November 19, 2005
No talent hack. Starved for attention, she has got pity down to a science. Kurt wrote her early "Hole" albums. Billy Corgan wrote her later ones. Trent Reznor made a song about her called "Starfucker Inc.". Fred Durst calls her for advice on how to get noticed more in the media. Is addicted to many drugs due to the fact that she is too weak to face her dismal reality as a fading star,but just by talking about her you give her power...so treat her like a spoiled child. NO! No more for you!
"i am doll parts"... sounds very very "Nirvana"ish.

"When i wake up in my make-up"...Sounds very Smashing pumpkinish.

No really. Listen to that dribble Courtney Love makes then listen to "Nevermind" then "Melloncollie and the infinite sadness". If you don't know they wrote her albums then your kind of slow.
by melloncollieowl October 15, 2005
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