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Marching Band = Life

The greatest friends you will ever have. The most amazing people you will ever meet.
Marching Band is the most fun you can possible have with your friends.

Band Bus = Only place you can be tired and hyper at the same time.
Your social life from Summer to the end of Fall.
Common Phrases
1. Band Ten Hut!
2. Roll Your Feet!
3. Toes HIGHER!
4. Drumline, take a lap.
5. Mellos, you get a waterbreak first.
6. Colorguard, smile smile smile!
7. Woodwinds, we can't hhhheeeaaarrr yoooouuuu!!! (j/k)
8. This is MARCHING band, not WALKING band!
10. Stop talking and drop and give me 20. When we leave this practice we will either be better or we will be stronger.
11. Halftime IS Gametime
12. Maybe a few hours of staring into the sun will help you remember your sunglasses at tomorrow's practice.
"Hey, Can you go to the movies Friday?"

"Nope, I have to go to the game. Halftime show."

"What about Saturday?"

"Can't. Marching Band Competition."


"Sorry. Resting from the competition."
by Mellogirl November 21, 2006
God's gift to musicians. World reknown marching band. The greatest band-family to ever be apart of or even see live.
Youtube "The Marching Southerners" and have your mind BLOWN
by melloGirl May 30, 2012
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