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people who think they own the world. they wear aeropostale, american eagle, hollister, etc. they act like the plastics on mean girls. think they can scare and intimidate people by sneering at them and whispering about how horrible they are when they say something a lot smarter than them. stupid, narrow-minded people. never give a care about anyone but their friends and themselves. usually rich but can be somewhat poorish. think everyone likes them but they really don't. are not all the same, but no one is really. think everyone is jealous and that they look hotter than everyone else when really a normal person, like me, can be a better model than the most popular girl in my school. get all egotistical when they accomplish something because they have the money to do it. act out in class and the teachers follow along to prevent being sued by rich parents.

girl: i wish these preps would stop talking about us. they do it every day, and i don't know why. it's not like we're bad people or anything.
guy: don't worry, they're just stupid, insecure people that think they own the world cuz they're rich.
by mel676 September 20, 2006
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