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Slang for penis, often used in conjunction with ordeal. The useage developed so that one could discuss sex without alerting others.
His situation went into high-alert after that girl flashed him.
by Mel April 12, 2004
Short for computer
My Puter is being slow.
by Mel February 24, 2003
A legitimate opiate pain medication intended only to alleviate moderate to severe intractable pain under the supervision of a physician for documented conditions. It is dangerous and against the law not to mention better judgement and common sense to pursue any other use. To imply that oxycontin or any narcotic analgesic should be taken with alchohol or taken in crushed form is quite wrong, not to mention stupid and DEADLY. Oxycontin relieves severe nerve pain and other moderate to severe pain in those who REQUIRE IT, by slightly depressing the central nervous system- thus someone not initiated in opiate therapy (as in someone who is not prescribed this medicine or whom takes it against package instructions and doctors orders) is putting their lives at risk by getting 12 hours worth of medicine all at once, thus excessively depressing their central nervous systems and ceasing the breathing mechanism, slowing heart/pulse rate, DUH...Oxycontin is not intended as a 'high' for anyone, but as a PRESCRIBED, TAKEN AS DIRECTED pain relief medicine for those in pain PERIOD. In this capacity it can save lives. It is also a controlled substance under the law, because of the fools who believe it's intended for getting stoned. It's certainly hoped the erroneous definitions dissapear- any comparison to heroin is irrelevant(although heroin is also a pain medicine which was so widely abused in our society that it has been outlawed in this country, though it is still in use overseas today for legitimate purpose).
Jane was prescribed OXYCONTIN for deep visceral nerve pain following a botched back operation which left her in agonizing pain. OXYCONTIN has given Jane some quality of life back. Jane must keep her OXYCONTIN locked in a secret cabinet because of the idiots who wish to abuse it in order to get 'high'. Jane does not get high from her medication, she gets relief.
by mel September 21, 2003
someone cool, and fun and spunky
inna is fun
by mel July 08, 2003
Something used to wipe up semen after masturbation, or alternatively, masturbate into if the pervert in question is somewhere where he'd perfer to leave things as they were when he entered - such as a friend's house or that of his parents. Can be anything from age-old classic, the dirty sock, to a hand towel.
When selecting some random scrap of fabric for use as your jizz rag, do remember that semen can leave unsightly stains on black fabrics.
by Mel December 18, 2005
term for a ballet dancer, either affectionately or used to imply a degree of snobbery.
"my little bunhead" or "that's a little too bunhead-ish"
by mel December 09, 2004
also known as PG. Little/short gay man that can fit in your pocket
He is so PG, he can fit in your pocket.
by mel October 28, 2004
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