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cutting can be a natural drug to help people with their problems.its not good to do but its helps.it releases endorphins to the brain right after the cutting.cutting literally is when you take a sharp object doesn't matter what it is and place it on your skin and cut your self until you bleed.people who cut normaly cut on their wrists/arms.cutting can have a serious outcome.you can cut to deep and go to the hospital and can leave permanent damage.cutting can lead to other self damages like burning and head banging.people often think emo people do it to get attention.not only emo people do it.it is mostly middle class teenage girls and im one of them..i am not emo at all but i thought cutting was the only way i could get rid of my pain that i had because i had no body to talk to. people who are depressed cut and depression is a disease just like lukimia.you can't choose to be depressed.it can come to you no matter who you are.you can be the most popular person in school and still be depressed.some people can't stop because it is really addicting.you can't just go up to soemone who cuts and say stop cutting or else im going to tell...thats not going to do any good you can't tell them to stop because they won't. i still have my scars from cutting and i haven't cut for 3 months and i know i will always have them and i can live with that becuase they tell a story of something that has happened in my life and i don't want them to go aways becuase its like a part of me going away.that might sund weird but to me its not. its hard for soem people to stop cutting and im glad that im one of them.when you stop cutting you still get the urge to cut sometimes and you really want to but you don't.i have a good technique for that..wear a rubber band around your wrist and whenever you feel the need to cut just snap it a couple of times and your good to go.cutting is a serious thing don't do it to be cool or seem tough.and don't do it if you hear other people talking about it becuase you might do it and cut to deep and have to go to the hospital.and i would know i was almost one of those people that would have to go to the hosptial.also people who cut will most likely lie about cutting to hid it from their friends and family becuase thats what i did and a friend of mine.
not everything seems what it is on the outside,someone could be really hurting on the inside and you wouldn't know so becareful in what you say.

"why are you cutting? it doesn't make you cool"

"i know its just,you wouldn't understand,its something that i can't explain really,i guess its just me"
by mel=pain September 02, 2006

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