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it is when something is done in the Egyptian way.
person1:this chick looks so weird in this make up
person2: yeah, man.. she's so egyptianized.
by mekadis April 03, 2010
this is an internet acronym that is often used to mean Watch Out For Parents when you are talking with somebody and your parents are around
person1: duude, we should really go smoke up sometime this weekend.
person 2:WOFP, man..
by mekadis April 09, 2010
ize is a suffix that can be added to most words to mean that it was done the way "the root word" says or took the form of the suffix .. often added to country names

Canadianized, Egyptianized, Americanized.. they all have the suffix -ize.
the way he talks is so Americanized < -ize
by mekadis April 06, 2010

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