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...is the most popular beer in India. It's also brewed there. Most foreign people tend to hate it, and wouldn't even use it to wash their butts.
Ranjit: Do you want to try some Indian beer? It's called King Fisher.
Hans: Yes sure.

Hans takes a sip, and spits it all out.
Hans: This is absolutely scheiße! German beer ftw.
Ranjit: madar chod
by meisterphiz October 07, 2011
is a name, that is often used to describe a German male.
It is also known, that 99% of all Germans are called Hans.
John: Hey do you know the new kid in the school?
Ben: No, but I bet he looks liken a Hans.
by meisterphiz October 07, 2011
a term used to describe Adolf Hitler, who IS NOT GERMAN. Führer is German and means "leader".

In English you would also say The Furior.
"Heil, mein Führer!" - Cheer used in Nazi Germany
"All Hail, my Furior"

-Der Führer-
by meisterphiz October 07, 2011
1) is the dirty old part of New Delhi.
2) is not the capital!
3)is a state in India, in which New Delhi is located.

The local call Delhi and New Delhi "Dilli"
Sanju: Let's go to old delhi, and look at all the poverty there is.

Johnny: No, man, let's stay in Dilli and have some King Fisher
by meisterphiz October 07, 2011

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