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4 definitions by mehr

a slang word used for the male reprouctive organ.
hey look at this cockadomus
by mehr December 19, 2007
A street that has a dead end at one end in the shape of a thermometer.
Person 1: Hey wanna go to that dead end?
Person 2: You mean thermo?
Person 1: Yeah that one.
by mehr October 20, 2007
1. Slang for marijuana.
2. A "stoner call" allowing stoners to invite others to smoke marijuana.
1. Person 1: Yo what up? Mehr.
Person 2: Werd.
Person 1: You comin' through?
Person 2: Yeah.

2. Person 1: MEHR!
Person 2: Mehr.
Person 3: MEHRRR!!
Person 1: Let's go!
by mehr October 20, 2007
when a stoner tilts their sticks their top teeth out over their bottom lip and squints there eyes.
Stoner 1 : What are you doing?
Stoner 2 : The rat face.
by Mehr January 10, 2008